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Create a unique & sophisticated drinking experience with the Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Starter Kit. The patent-pending Smoke Lid uses smoke to add an unmatched flavor profile to cocktails. Try it with your whiskey or bourbon neat, Old Fashioned, Manhattan and much, much more to enhance flavors and impress guests. To use, place smoker lid on top of your cocktail glass, add your choice of wood chip flavor and char with a butane torch* to add smoke to your cocktail in seconds.

The Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Starter Kit comes with an oak cocktail Smoke Lid, a wood chip variety pack including apple, oak, hickory, and cherry (order extra wood chips here), and a smoked cocktail recipe book. This drink smoker starter kit is a great way to begin experimenting with smoked cocktails.

An exceptional gift for men & women, hosts, bourbon and whiskey enthusiasts, or anyone who loves craft cocktails and entertaining.

Made of 100% single-source oak, the versatile tapered design of the lid sits flat on top of small cocktail glasses and snug inside the rim of larger glasses to provide advanced airflow for ample smoke and maximum flavor.

The wood chip variety pack includes apple, hickory, oak, and cherry wood chips; perfect for experimenting with different smoky flavors.

The smoked cocktail recipe book contains tried and true recipes from the Aged & Charred team. They’ve smoked about every kind of cocktail. These were the big winners.

The product contents come packaged in a gift box for a great presentation.

* This kit DOES NOT INCLUDE a torch or butane, which are required. Shop our Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Premium Kit with torch + butane instead.



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